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Newborn Care Specialists & Postpartum Doulas

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Newborn Care Specialists (NCS)

Certified Specialists are available ANYTIME - Day or Night!

Do I Have to Have a Newborn Care Specialist If I Want Newborn Night Help?

Not at all! You can absolutely use a Night Nanny, they are great with newborns and multiples! A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) is simply a level-up in experience, is certified by passing rigorous tests about newborn care and development, and typically has 1000-2500+ hours of newborn care under their belt!

Our Newborn Care Specialists are available DAY or NIGHT, and they are certified specifically with babies age 0-12 weeks old in mind. They also specialize in caring for multiples, and if you're looking for someone who specializes exclusively in newborn care, a Newborn Care Specialist is an awesome choice!

$35 per Hour - Newborn Care Specialist - Day/Night

All of our caregivers are Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certified. We also run background checks on all of our caregivers including a social security number trace and National Sex Offender Registry search.

$25 per Hour - Get to Know Your NCS Meeting (Optional)

This is a great service to have in conjunction with a Postpartum Doula!


Postpartum Doulas

Our Postpartum Doulas are here to support YOU and your household in the months after you have your baby! We take care of making sure you, your significant other, and any siblings are adjusting well to life after the new baby is born! We take care of light housekeeping, pets, making occasional meals, and basically making sure that your household keeps running smoothly while you take care of your newborn! We're here to offer breastfeeding support, advice on soothing your newborn, offer support in physical and emotional healing, and to make your life easier!

$40 per Hour - Postpartum Doulas - Day/Night

$25 per Hour - Get to Know Your Doula Meeting (Optional)