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Customer Testimonials

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"I've enjoyed working with you and I will recommend you without reservations to anyone needing sleep with a newborn or child. Denali Night Nannies was one of the best things we did since bringing our twins home.  They allowed us some much needed sleep, while knowing our boys were cared for."

- The de Creeft Family
Day Nanny, Night Nanny, and Back-Up/On Call Care Clients - Anchorage, AK

"We have loved having you guys help us with our little ones!"

- The Sellers Family - Day Nanny & Night Nanny Clients - Palmer, AK

"I wanted to tell you that I love our Night Nanny! Our baby really loves her!  He didn't even cry for her the first night she came! He hasn't cried for her ALL week! Feel free to add her on any night you want, she's awesome!"

- The Adolf Family - Night Nanny Clients - Anchorage, AK

"Thanks Lindsey, you've all been a big help!"

- The Wolfe Family - Day Nanny Clients - Anchorage, AK

"Thank you for the sleep consultation, Denali Night Nannies! Lindsey really took the time to learn where we were coming from and come up with a sleep plan that would suit our needs and the needs of our 2 month old twins!  The communication response time was quick and our questions and concerns were addressed thoroughly. We're looking forward to implementing the plan and getting more sleep for the whole family in the new year! Thank you, Lindsey and Denali Night Nannies!"

- The Morse Family - Sleep Adjustment Plan Clients - Eagle River, AK

"Thank you! Last night [Sleep Coaching] was a huge success! I mean I'm doing cartwheels right now and can't wait to hug [my baby] and tell her how proud I am!"

- The Smith Family - Sleep Coaching Clients - Eagle River, AK
Baby Slept Through the Night for the First Time 4 Days After Sleep Coaching Plan was Implemented

"BOTH babies slept through the night [for the first time and] for the last two days their morning nap was about 
1.5 hours [instead of the normal 30 minutes]. I feel like things are going better and they have done well and taken everything in stride." 

- The Walker Family - Sleep Adjustment Plan Clients - Anchorage, AK
- Both Babies Slept Through the Night for the First Time 3 Days After Changes Were Implemented

"It was refreshing because we got to get some really good sleep and we had some energy to really take on the day. [Our Night Nanny] was warm and she was calm and she made us feel safe doing this... We just trusted the process. We woke up the next day. We felt awesome."

- The Carrier-Theulen Family - Night Nanny Clients - Anchorage, AK

"I was very pleased with the insight and suggestions provided to me by Denali Night Nannies. They were very knowledgeable and a great resource to have. My twins are now sleeping through the night."

- The Hegland Family - Sleep Adjustment Plan Clients - Anchorage, AK

"[First night of sleep since I was pregnant and] I feel great! Thank you!"

- The Sellers Family - Palmer, AK

"Thank you so much. We just had the BEST night of sleep!"

- The Weissman/Whitecotton Family - San Francisco, CA - In Alaska to Adopt

"[The best thing about Denali Night Nannies is the] sleep!!! And the people!!"

- The Adolf Family - Anchorage, AK