Night Nannies

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All of our caregivers have passed Pediatric CPR/First Aid certifications. All of our caregivers that work with newborns have had their Tdap shots and flu shots.* We also run background checks on all of our caregivers including a social security number trace and National Sex Offender Registry search. What's wonderful is that we also have back-up nannies available so you NEVER have to worry about being without help! Your nanny comes to YOU and watches your children in the environment your kids are most comfortable in - your home!

Night Nannying & PostPartum Services

We Take Care of Your Child So You Can Sleep!

Night Nanny Hours: 9:00 pm - 7:00 am

Night Nannies take care of ANYTHING your child needs so that you can sleep through the night. We take care of anything from diaper changes to outfit changes and from soothing to feeding. If you are breastfeeding, you can choose to either pump or your Night Nanny can bring you your baby for feedings!

Nights Can Be Non-Consecutive!

$21 per Hour - 60 Nights of Sleep

$22 per Hour - 31 Nights of Sleep

$23 per Hour - 14 Nights of Sleep

$24 per Hour - 1 Night of Sleep

$15 per Night - Each Additional Child

(Only applies to additional children we're attending to, not other children in the house who sleep through the night!)

$35 per Hour - Get to Know Your Nanny Meeting (Optional)


10 Hour Minimum