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Sleep Coaching

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Our services are available worldwide via Skype consultations, 
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Sleep Coaching

Teach Your Infant, Toddler, or Child To FINALLY Sleep Through the Night!

We believe in formulating Sleep Plans that take into account our client's comfort levels and their baby's personalities. We believe in helping families regain the balance in their lives that they so desperately need and deserve. You deserve sleep. Your baby deserves sleep. We can help.

Babies and children are ready for Sleep Coaching at different ages. We take into account age, developmental stages, and eating habits before we will agree to Sleep Coach your child. Some children are ready to stop doing night feedings at 4 months old and others are ready to end night feedings at 11 months old. We offer a truly individualized approach when it comes to Sleep Coaching and we will only offer Sleep Coaching once we are confident your child is old enough and at the right stage in their life to sleep through the night.

Sleep Adjustment Program
A program for infants who are not old enough to do our Sleep Coaching Program. We offer advice and habit changes that will put your child on the right path so that they take longer naps and so that they learn to fall asleep without the aid of nursing or pacifiers.
Sleep Coaching Program 
There's so much information online, how in the world are you supposed to know what will work for your child? We can help! We'll set up a Sleep Plan and Sleep Coaching Program specifically tailored to your child(ren) and your family! We include up to 30 days of follow up support and Sleep Plan adjustments!

"The Sleep Coaching Program has made such a difference. With our last child, we weren't sleeping through the night until after she was 15 months. With the twins doing [the Sleep Adjustment Program], Thomas was already doing his first "night" feeding at 6:30 am (and only waking up to look for his pacifier otherwise), what a difference!"

- The Corbett Family - Palmer, AK

"I was very pleased with the insight and suggestions provided to me by Denali Night Nannies. They were very knowledgeable and a great resource to have. My twins are now sleeping through the night."

- The Hegland Family - Sleep Adjustment Plan Clients - Anchorage, AK

"Thank you! Last night was a huge success! I mean I'm doing cartwheels right now and can't wait to hug [my baby] and tell her how proud I am!"

Baby Slept Through the Night for the First Time 
4 Days After Sleep Coaching Plan was Implemented
- Family of Baby Summer